Ignite Philly // 2014

Ignite Philly is part of a worldwide network that entertains and educates people in short 5 minute bursts. Ignite Philly is the local group, and is our way to highlight great ideas coming to life here in Philadelphia.

Each presenter is on stage fora total of 5 minutes (20 slides, at 15 seconds each slide). These talks are a ’spark’ if you will, they are lightening fast and leave people with a new idea to mull over and talk about.

Ignite was brought to Philadelphia by Geoff DiMasi, Alex Gilbert (of P’unk Avenue), Vanja Buvac and Far McKon. Geoff and Alex originated the Junto and were looking for ways to collaborate with more people in the Philadelphia scene. 

"Perhaps the most interesting thing about the evening was that these important players in Philly’s advancing creative communities didn’t get on stage to show off their resume and reel. They used the forum to talk about what others are doing to make a difference…The fundamental takeaway from IgnitePhilly is that that the ability to change the world is more real than ever." – Brian James Kirk

It was amazing and pretty scary! Five minutes goes by so quickly! I am hoping that this is a stepping stone to my dream of being a Ted Talk speaker.