Sophia // 2017

Where does one begin with a kid like Sophia?


For those who don’t know, Sophia created a beautiful linoleum block print of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, inspired from 'Goodnight To Rebel Girls' . We sent Ruth a print and framed it, thinking she would never receive it. Ruth, being the boss she is, wrote us back and stated she would hang it in her chambers. Sophia and I both cried. Who would have ever thought this could be possible?

IMG_1023 2.jpg

Sophia qualifies for aid for the Children's Scholarship Fund of Philadelphia. Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) is a privately-funded program whose mission is to provide children from low-income Philadelphia families with financial access to quality, safe, K-8th grade, tuition-based schools, thereby increasing their long-term economic and social success. CSFP grants need-based scholarships to children from low-income Philadelphia families, all of which are awarded by random lottery. CSFP currently serves about 5,200 children enrolled at over 170 private and parochial schools.

I uploaded Sophia’s work and nominated Sophia for the Creative Award for the Children's Scholarship of Philadelphia. Sophia asked me to take the nomination down, because her work was only meant for Ruth. I called CSF, asking them to take it down. CSF said, ‘Let me call the family. Everyone cried in our office when we saw this piece. I understand if Sophia wants to be a purist, but this should be shared.' We found out Sophia won 1st place in the Creative Award today, winning a substantial scholarship for her tuition. I am in awe of Sophia’s power and can’t wait to see her accept her award on June 19th.

My mother told me to be a lady. And for her, that meant be your own person, be independent.