Students Run Philly Style // 2016

This year, I became a Running Leader for my school's Student Run Philly team. The program focuses on helping Philadelphia students ages 12-18 realize their capacity for success through mentorship and distance running.  By engaging students with volunteer mentors (like me), The model encourages participants to create positive and lasting relationships with adults who are concerned about and invested in their well-being.  Since 2004, Students Run Philly Style has served more than 4,000 students from neighborhoods across Philadelphia.

From March to November, students and mentors train together for major area races such as the Blue Cross Broad Street Run and the Philadelphia Marathon.  Our students and mentors gain so much more through this process than just increased cardiovascular fitness.  During the many training runsthat take place each year, the opportunities for in-depth conversations about pretty much everything. I am so excited to train with my academic mentor kids (Jose and Shaki). I want them to see that running and working out in general can release some of their built up stress from their academic life.

I have met some of my best friends working out. It's that growing community that helps make you successful in the long run. Deana (pictured above) is my cursing partner in crime after grueling workouts. I look forward to seeing her every week, including my family (Aunt Eden and cousin Rayna pictured below).

Here's to making your own community...

"Like Real People Do" by Hozier via Spoitfy