Ella // 2016- 2017

Ella is a special one.

When I first came to Norwood, Ella was the only one who spoke in class. She is academically sound, wicked smart, reads Kurt Vonnegut, and asks me for music recommendations. Why does she even need me? Like seriously, why?

Ella is part of this years the 2016 Fresh Artist's 'Palates To Palettes' program. She has amazing drawings skills and we are working on proportion. One day working after school, she dropped a hint to me that she was interested in going to the Mutter Museum in Center City. I called her parents and asked if we could have a 'mentor day'. Her parents we totally on board and told me she talks about me everyday. I was surprised because she is a typical middle schooler who doesn't want to tell you that you might be sorta cool.

And so we went.

We talked about medical oddities and everything in between. I even took her for her first bowl of pho noodles at Pho Ha in South Philly. She loved the noodles, battled with chopsticks, hated the coffee, but loved the tea.

It was a pretty great day.

Listening to:

Leif Vollebekk's "Southern United States"