The Exchange // Ask me what I do with The Local Lululemon Fishtown


On Thursday, March 8th, in honor of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, we'll be bringing some of Philadelphia's most inspiring and influential female trailblazers for a night of connection, storytelling and celebration. From a creative, to a professor, to a corporate executive, we all have a story to tell and that story is worthy of sharing with the world.

#AskMeWhatIDo was created to offer women a platform to proudly share what they do and who they are - connecting with one another and sharing what we do is one of the most important steps in our personal evolutions.

This will be a night to celebrate, inspire, and to share our bold and powerful perspectives with the world proudly. We’re going to share what we do, who we are and what makes us 100%.

Join us for the conversation.

I am so proud of my Lululemon Fishtown fam for putting this together.

Deva WatsonComment