Trying something new.

At the start of the summer, Amrita Yoga and Wellness Center started a promotion called 'Yoga Bingo'. You basically receive a "yoga bingo"card full of 62 different classes. It works just like normal bingo and prizes include 3 months of free yoga. I looked at the card and it stated that if you filled up an entire card, you would receive 29 entries into their drawing for prizes. So I set my goal for the summer: get a full card in yoga bingo. 

At first, filling up the card seemed relatively easy because some of my favorite classes feel into a bunch of the boxes. But after careful planning, you really gotta dig deep and rearrange your personal schedule to make classes like "aerial yoga", "the last class of the day", and "any class with Vincent". I stick to the same teachers and have a tight work schedule between three restaurants over the summer. With luck, a couple of switched shifts, and strategic planning, I am about 6 classes away from getting a full card.

My favorite class I tried was "aerial yoga". At first, I was scared to death. With some loving guidance and focusing on my core, I made body extensions that I never thought possible. I have been more open, awake, and focused like never before this summer. Usually, my restaurant schedule burns me out and I would forget to take care of myself. I learned yoga takes care of your body like nothing else without skepticism.

What do you do for self care? Journaling, massage? Share your thoughts.