First Friday

Come together.

June 2017 photographer Dominic Episcopo , yoga and meditation instructor Daphne Lyon, and I introduced ourselves to the Fishtown community. We wanted to show that we are committed to in the practice of [GENEROSITY]--endlessly developing and cultivating our community, our neighborhood and our city through their selfless efforts. 

I created a mural with artist, Keith Warren Grieman, in conjunction with Penn Treaty High School. Our message was "Unity" and I think it's a message worth spreading, especially during this time period in America's history. Dominic hung up his gorgeous photography throughout the Lululemon store and Daphne showcased a meditation corner where people can be inspired to create their own.


It was so inspiring to see people from the Fishtown community be so supportive of one another and their passions. It shows that we are only as strong as our community and we are constantly moving forward.


Diversity makes our community stronger.

There are a few things that I would like to say to our current President. I understand that you want to “Make America Great Again”. But America includes all people-- all the women, men, children, people of religions, atheists, people of all sexual orientations and identities, people from different nations, cultural and ethnic identities. And to “Make America Great Again” you need to recognize the rights of all these people because their diversity is what truly makes America great. You also need to recognize that there are radicals in most religions and cultures, and that radical Islamists are mostly terrorizing Muslims in their own countries which is why Syrians and Iraqis are seeking refugee--not to terrorize but to get away from the terrorism plaguing their homelands.