Goal setting with vision, possibility, and balance

It's important to have goals. It's more important to make a plan and make it a habit. It take 28 days to make something. Setting goals allows you to create a clear picture of an ideal future and what it takes to get there. Jumping 10 years into the future inspires you to dream big because it removes the constraints of time, money and knowledge. Creating goals from your vision allows you to make a plan for achieving your ideal life. This is a part of Lululemon's goal setting philosophy and lifestyle model. 

Goals for 2017:

  • Get a job that allows me to have my own classroom with a mission for progressive education
  • Finding a therapist that works in more of a holistic practice
  • Not settling and being in an unhealthy partnership
  • Make 1, 2, 3 great events with Lululemon's The Local Fishtown
  • Maintaining my yoga practice and committing to a studio #thesweatlife #thisisyoga
  • Finding a relationship with a willing partner
  • Travel somewhere in the United States
  • Start asking the universe for what I want

Those in bold have been accomplished. Those is italics are a work in progress.

I have to say I was willing to project happiness when I wasn't. I was in constant service of others, in a destructive relationship, and taking on so many good projects that I thought could replace how I felt about myself. For a while, I thought if I keep doing good, it will happen to me too. It started with a journal and goal setting book by Meraki Printing.

This "Make Shit Happen" planner allowed me to be honest. Sometimes I can dish it but can't take it. In order for change, you have to recognize the problem. So I left my partner of 5 years, I resigned from my job, I left my longtime therapist, and released what was holding me back from who I was and who I wanted to be. The entire team at Lululemon carries these types of bullet journals and seemed to incorporate that into their daily day.

I normally don't stick to planners. This one was different and at the start of 2017 I wanted to be different.


How do you clear your own path?