Dear Ruth Bader Ginsburg // Monday


I mailed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Sophia's print of her. Below is Sophia's letter to Justtice Ginsberg.

A letter to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

I created a print of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I created my artwork by first drawing a draft of my picture on a piece of paper. At first I did not do much detail on the necklace, but soon after I realized the meaning of it. So I wanted the notorious necklace to stand out. I also drew a quote that would go around the RBG print. “ A woman has a fundamental right to make this choice for herself. ”. I chose this quote because I believe all women should have a decision for themselves and has become very meaningful to me. But after I was settled on both of my drafts, I drew it on a linoleum block. Then carved it out. Once I was pleased on my work, I was printed it. When I did my first print I realized that some of my letters were not carved on my quote, but fixed it after. I finished my first full print and then did four other prints. I was proud of my work and glad that I put so much hard work into it.

The big idea behind my artwork was to appreciate Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired girls all around the world. She has done so many things for women and gender equality. Because of her women are closer to having gender equality and I am proud to appreciate her in my artwork.

I am very proud of my work. My art teacher has also inspired me to do a series of prints of powerful women. One day I hope to follow in Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s footsteps and support and fight for women’s rights.
— Sophia Le