Cool Jobs // Monday


At first glance, it's the perfect place to take a nap, but if you take a closer look you'll see the dreams of eleven budding artists. Olivia and Soloman, pictured above, were two of those budding artists. 

The bedding set is the result of a collaboration between Crate and Barrel Kids and Fresh Artists, a local non-profit dedicated to providing art programming to children who attend under-resourced schools.

The chosen fifth through ninth graders worked with Crate and Barrel designers to come up with a concept.

"We were showing, modelling all of the methods and the process that a design firm goes through, so there is brainstorming, working, critiquing and prototyping," said Barbara Chandler Allen, Executive Director of Fresh Artists.

Everything in the collection was inspired by art created by the students, four of which were my students. After two years of waiting and thinking nothing would come of their designs, Crate and Barrel sent us this:


Olivia's 'sun' & 'boat', Jose's 'moon', Caprice's 'flying animal decorate the comforter. Also, all the kids' designs are on the sheets. I am so so proud of them and all of their hardwork!